Mentális Majális - Szubjektív ábránd

Mentális Majális - Szubjektív ábránd
"Our group is truly young, we only started it as recently as January 2011. Unlike others, we cannot state to have found each other after lots and lots of earlier experiences in various other bands. However, we have definitely found each other. We live and work in Lakitelek (teacher, pharmacist, computer engineer), and thanks to several lucky factors now we make music together. This unlikely information about ourselves is proof of our dislike of hard promotion: we do not aim at becoming popular, but at enjoying music. By now we can confidently state that together we have gained great experiences through music, as it is a unique source of enjoyment when an idea, melody, a few lines mature to become songs.
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Band members:
Márta Pongrácz - voice (words, lyrics)
Dénes Lendvai - guitar (lyrics)
Zoltán Harmatos - percussion (lyrics)"
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