Meszecsinka - Meszecsinka

Meszecsinka - Meszecsinka
"Annamari Oláh (voice) and Emil Biljarszki (piano, guitar) first played together in 2008 under the name Fókaszalon. They played Fókatelep’s songs and other songs accompanied by acoustics. The audience bought on the more intimate songs, which led to frequent concerts, the inclusion of their own songs into the repertoire, and the joining of new members into the band. In late 2009 the band was named Meszecsinka, which means little Moon in Bulgarian. In January 2010 they recorded the six songs of the demo, of which writes the following:
""Softer, more energetic, English, Spanish and Hungarian folk melodies with simple but highly fitting sound and great singing. Little Moon, that is likely to shine brighter and brighter in the sky of the Hungarian underground.""
In the last two years Meszecsinka played in several clubs, festivals in Budapest and the countryside (VIDOR, Mesterségek Ünnepe, Művészetek Völgye, Szegedi Várjátékok), and has visited Poland twice as part of the Hungarian Days of Krosno.
In May 2011 the band was awarded the first prize in the Folkbeats talent-search competition (in which nearly a hundred applicants took part): a tour in America.
Magyar Narancs published a one and a half page interview with the band, and they made it to the first page of the Zenész Magazin. They played in front of an audience of several thousand on the stage in Clark Ádám tér. They have also played with the very best of the genre in MÜPA, in the Feast of Folk Music, offering - according to Fidelio - ""the most original sound"".
Meszecsinka was born at the full moon, from a special form of magic. Its name means little Moon, and is originated in a Bulgarian folk song. They sing in seven languages (Hungarian, Gypsy, Bulgarian, Spanish, Finnish, English, Arab), they come from two countries (Hungary, Bulgaria) and are heading for one country: Wonderland. They only do, what they can’t not do. They incorporate many styles, but have a style of their own, their own life. They play from the inside, and wonder at the world. They are soft and pliant, but leave no doubts. They go round the hit lists, and steal into people’s hearts. They do not call for your ""like"", but for Yourself. Stay still, and you’ll hear."
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