Čankišou - Fayt (2011)

"This album was published by Indies Scope Records (CZ). The Hungarian distribution and the organisation of concerts in Hungary is carried out by NarRator Records.
Čankišou was established at a Christmas party in 1999 by rock musicians. They put together various exotic and common rock instruments and started to explore world music field which was completely new for them at that time. Čankišou music is based on an old legend about one legged Čanki people and the band also learnt their language which is understandable all over the world. Čankišou mixes influences from various ethnics with rock roots and with its rich collection of exotic instruments travels the world from Réunion island in an Indian ocean to Pakistan. The band performed at Sziget 2010.
New CD Faÿt (2011, Indies Scope) which reflects more rock roots of all the musicians spent three months in Top 20 in the World music charts Europe. In the top 200 WMCE in 2011 as a whole Faÿt is No. 98 out of 899 moninated CD's. The band got nomination for Andel 2011 (Czech version of Grammy) in world music category for CD Faÿt."
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