- Romano Hip Hop (2006)

"This album was published by Indies Scope Records (CZ). The Hungarian distribution and the organisation of concerts in Hungary is carried out by NarRator Records.
Internationally, the most successful Czech band of our times: A cheeky combination of hip hop, gipsy music, r’n’b, pop and many other infl uences, have been astounding people from Glastonbury to Ljubljana, from Lisbon through Kiev and on to Ulsan in Korea. Effervescent singer, rapper, composer and all-round entertainer Radoslav ‘Gipsy’ Banga, along with the ex-perienced and famous Czech gipsy violinist and singer Vojta Lavicka, serve up this unique energy cocktail for your joy and pleasure, with more than just a little help from the young, traditionally schooled gipsy musicians, the Surmaj brothers.
Romano Hip Hop
On the fi rst album, you can hear the irony and humour of the rapper, Romany musicality and pop fi nesse, an energetic synthesis of the players’ experiences of music and life. created their own original sound and space where genuine traditional music and hip-hop meet."
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