Bogár Muzsika - gyermeklemez

"In December 2011 the kids’ album entitled Bogár Muzsika is unique to the Hungarian music scene. The varied, yet coherently instrumented album enriched with world music elements is equally inspired by the enchanting melodized poetry of András Nagy Bandó; the musician, actor, tale writer, Zsolt Pálfy’s rendering that grips the attention of the young audience; and the spirit of the singer and music teacher Mónika Pintér’s music and nursery rhyme kids’ courses of the same name (Bogár Muzsika) that have been going on for years and years with devoted consciousness.
One of the main objectives of the authors of the album is to leave music the central stage, presenting it in a language that is accessible to children, and creating a very colourful world without the restrictions of musical genres. As a result of this, the album takes its audience on a musical journey in space and time, and it offers several kinds of rhythms, melodies and other elements of music to its audience.
Besides the above, live recording and an instrumentation that is based on genuine acoustic sound are essential - thus the album presents many sounds from wood and brass wind-instruments, through a wide range of percussion instruments to accordion, pianino and even to a real fender roads piano.
Band members:
Mónika Pintér - voice
Zsolt Pálfy - guitar, voice
Zoltán Nemes - keyboards, voice
András Demjén - bass guitar, lyre, backup vocal
Gyula Adorján - drums, percussion, backup vocal
Guest artist:
Zoltán Albert - pipe, flute, saxophones
Krisztián Szücs - trumpet, flugelhorn, trombone"
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