Miegymás - Mozaikdarabkák

Miegymás - Mozaikdarabkák
"The band Miegymás adds a special, unique sound to the Hungarian music scene. The mostly cross-over style tracks are inspired by the elements of jazz, ethno and classical music. The band members are experienced musicians of high standards in classical and pop music alike who are open and creative both in their thinking and in their taste, and who believe in spontaneous forms of art. Thus, not only do their songs contain pre-written, and rehearsed themes, but a colourful variety of improvisative elements as well. They present a wide range of characters, paces, worlds of rhythm, harmony and melody in their concerts, sometimes with a completely lyrical passion and sometimes with an extremely wild gallopping thunder. The group that had been formed in 2009 started its career in Budapest aiming at putting on the Hungarian and international stage something absolutely ""different"", special in comparison to what audiences were accostumed to - grasping as many opportunities as possible. So far they have performed on several occasions in the capital and in many towns and cities of the country within the framework of festivals or independent concerts. Several radio channels have interviewed them, and have broadcasted their songs. Their first, author’s edition album entitled Örvény appeared in 2010. Since that time numerous new songs have been born, which are recorded for the audience on the new album entitled "Mozaikdarabkák" ("Pieces of a Mosaique").
""The title "Mozaikdarabkák" is an allusion to the fact that each of the tracks of the album can also be regarded as a separate island or world on its own, since they are all presented with different characters, paces, styles. At the same time, the tiny elements form an organic whole that defines the entity, the music of the band Miegymás. Some of the tracks are inspired by literary pieces by Attila József, William Blake or Sándor Weöres, and as a result the atmosphere of these is perhaps somewhat more melancholic, meditative. As a complete counterpart to the aforementioned quick, gallopping, merry and fresh themes with asymmetric rhythms are scattered here and there along the album, among them a real treasure, the latest composition entitled Attic of Past, authored by the pianist and accompanied by Erika Kertész’s English lyrics.""
Gabriella Eszter Szabó - piano
Réka Feuerstein - voice, flute
László Kiss G. - bass guitar
Áron Nyirő - drums"
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