Horgas Eszter - Szeretni bolondulásig

Horgas Eszter - Szeretni bolondulásig
"Eszter Horgas is preparing for the presentation of her great new album, ""Szeretni bolondulásig"". She’s playing in Szeged in January, in the Kölcsey Centre in Debrecen on February 18th, in the Budapest Central Theatre on March 2nd, and then in other towns and cities around the country.
The album contains reworks of songs from old Hungarian films, like Meseautó, Pá kis aranyom, Vártalak, Mindig az a perc , Szeretni Bolondulásig, Szívemben bomba van, Szomorú vasárnap (Gloomy Sunday), Kislány kezeket fel and 2x2 néha 5….
One of the guest stars of the captivating concert is actress Éva Botos, who besides having received the best theatre critiques, has introduced herself as a singer in recent years.
Thus, she’s been invited to take part in the production as an actress-singer by Eszter Horgas. The meeting of Botos’s unique, enchanting voice and Horgas’s virtuosity is especially interesting. The other guest star of the presentation is the Serbian Milos Punisic, a virtuoso of the international music stage. The greatest challenge of the performance is to achieve that these well-known melodies that have often been played to boredom be filled with new colours and have an effect on the audience of our times.
""The instrumentation, the new interpretation offers an opportunity to cry, laugh, live a real-life experience together, with the participation of presenters and audience alike.""
The participants of the new, 24th Eszter Horgas album are the best of the Hungarian music scene:
Gábor Cseke: piano-synthesizer
Krisztián Dajka guitar,
Lajos Gyenge drums,
Csaba Pusztai percussion,
Viktor Hárs bass
The album of the eight excellent music masters is a real delicacy for those who like both the sophisticated nostalgic music and new, virtuoso entertaining songs."
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