Vrelo - Preko reke

Vrelo  - Preko reke
"VRELO was founded by Natasa Tomic at the very beginning of 1999 in Ruma, Serbia. Up to 2003 VRELO explores, studies and works on the Serbian folklore material and of the other Slavonic people and during this period VRELO’s music went several different phases. VRELO performs several solo concerts, records several musical TV shows and appears on music festivals.

The Fall of 2003 brought many changes to the group. Stanko Tomic brought an idea which totally changed the way of work, approach and music concept of VRELO. Namely, the vocal-instrumental ethno ensemble was transformed into a band. The traditional music substance is no longer used as the basic element of their work, but they combine it with other modern music and stage forms. The minimalistic approach, simplificaton and nakedness of the expression through only two instruments (bass guitar and drums) and backing tracks + loops at one side, and several female voices which move between old, inherited patterns and modern expresion on the other side, make VRELO a part of the world music by relying on the identity and authenticity of Slavic music.
After entering BBC's The Next Big Thing 2007 VRELO was chosen among over 2500 performers from 88 countries to play in London at Maida Vale studio and won 2nd place of this prestigeous competition.
VRELO published their first album ""Preko reke"", at the end of August 2008 for the publishing firm PGP-RTS.
In the summer 2011 VRELO made promo / demo mini LP with five songs for French production company PALASS.

6 fantastic voices and a truly special mixture of South-Slavic folk music and pop-rock.
You need to hear and see them!
NarRator Records has started the distribution of the Serbian Vrelo’s new album.
This album is not a publication of NarRator Records, they are restricted to the album’s Hungarian distribution and the organisation of concerts in the country."
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