Wetwood - Duplavé

Wetwood - Duplavé
"The band was founded in 2003. Their initial trio started playing the songs of other bands, first to their friends, then after the initial success for a wider audience. Their program was first acoustic, then turned electric.
Their first performances took place in and around Veszprém, then they went on to perform in farther towns and cities and in notable festivals. Their first real success came about in the Veszprém Street Music Festival, where they had audible success in front of several hundreds of people. With the passage of time they started customizing the songs of their favourite musicians, and then they started writing a few songs for Peti Csonka’s lyrics. They were their first songs of their own. In late 2008 a founding member left the formation, and his leave caused a temporary break in the life of the band.
After several changes of membership the present 5-member formation includes:
Péter Csonka - voice, guitar;
László Károlyi - keyboards, vocalist;
Kornél Süle - drums;
Péter Ujvári - guitar, vocalist;
Lajos Zelézi - bass guitar.
The band reformed with the new members started authoring their songs, which gave birth to their first album in spring 2011. Wetwood’s music is still beyond the constraints of any genre, thus it’s highly varied: the album contains several genres from ska-reggae to funky and rock. The lyric-centered songs of the album range from merry to solemn."
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