The Transform Quintet with Joey Calderazzo - another child

The Transform Quintet with Joey Calderazzo - another child
"Since Joey Caldarazzo Grammy winner American pianist and the Transform Quintet met in 2006, together they have given numerous highly successful concerts. The studio album we have been expecting for long, we can finally put our hands on. This album features new Calderazzo and Transform Quintet pieces and two almost classic pieces of Calderazzo from a new angle. The core of the album is collective free improvisation.
Joey Calderazzo needs no introduction. He was discovered 25 years ago by Michael Brecker. The two of them worked in close co-operation from that point. Since then Joey Calderazzo has become one of the most notable jazz pianists, and a determining figure in two powerful groups: the Michael Brecker Quartet and the Branford Marsalis Quartet.
His emotional play is characterised by innovative form and an elementary force of suggestivity. He is an exquisitely refined pianist, who enchants all his listeners with his taste and sensitivity.
This group is one of the most successful jazz formations of Hungary. In the 12 years of their existence they have won the love of the audience and the acknowledgement of experts and critiques at home and abroad. Their progressive music gives us an insight into the world of fusion and mainstream jazz, electronic music and classical Romanticism. Their expression is highly energetic and virtuose. Their music is the tale of people’s - and their own - emotional world.
Listening to Another Child, we are aware that they are a living formation. However huge the geographical distance between them may be, the musical proximity that their co-operation is based on is apparent. This common foundation and their difference that stems from their different musical and cultural traditions give birth to a unique artistic adventure, a challance and a great experience.
TTQ members had listened to the same musics for long years and this shows in the album. Another Child is the celebration of the unforgettable experiences that Calderazzo’s far-reaching musical work gave them, and this makes the album a selection of best loved pieces. TTQ’s sound and way of play creates musical situations in which the main elements of Calderazzo’s play become newly energetic. The sound of the group places Calderazzo in a musical situation where he can reflect on his own artistic expression from a new perspective. This musical interaction elevates the essence of TTQ’s play to new hights.
""Not to be missed"" The Transform Quintet w. Joey Calderazzo Another Child, Norbert Szilágyi,
Joey Calderazzo - piano, keyboards
Gábor Horváth - keyboards
Bálint Gyémánt - guitar
Márton Eged - bass guitar
Attila Gálfi - drums
Dániel Redő - percussion"
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