Colorstar - Komplementer

Colorstar - Komplementer
"ColorStar were born in 1996. Initial influences include electronica, world music and burgeoning at their junction, ethno-techno, a hybrid of folk music and fresh instrumentation and approach, post-rock, and 60’s-70’s space rock. These inspirations and the band’s own ideas all cumulated on the 1998 debut album HeavenIceTrip!, subtitled Xplode Your TV n’ Make Your Own Movie. Following suit, ColorStar aim to integrate visuals into their show to elevate it to an art show.
ColorStar quickly rose to the top of the flowering live dance music scene, alongside Másfél and Korai Öröm, played most major festivals, toured clubs nationwide, before releasing the 1999 EP consisting of two new tracks and a remix by themselves. By this time, ColorStar had toured France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia and Turkey.
Their sophomore album, Via La Musica of 2001, turned out lighter than the more prog-rock-influenced debut, zooming in on electronic dance music, easy listening and nu jazz.
Komfort, Colorstar’s third album released in 2004, marked a change from mostly instrumental music to more traditional song writing, bringing back ""classic"" rock-jazz guitar solos as well as electronic instrumentation. The following years were devoted to touring, as the band was continuously invited to all major Hungarian festivals and Romania.
To commemorate the band’s 10th anniversary on 28 October 2006, an impressive 3-hour gig had been organised in Petőfi Csarnok with several guest musicians and an audience of 1500. This gave birth to the ""ColorStar de Luxe"" performance, which adds vocalists, a brass and a string section to the band.

Their untitled fourth LP was released in 2009, alongside ColorStar Deluxe, a live DVD to commemorate the band’s 10th anniversary.

The fourth, untitled LP is characterised by a meticolously refined sound, the use of numerous additional musicians from their deluxe concerts (special gigs with guest musicians and extras) and the recapitulation of their many musical experiences to date. Stylistic features from the preceding three albums all crop up, but the emphasis has shifted. Previously, the essentially instrumental music was supplemented by vocals - now, it’s more a case of pop songs with long instrumental segments.

Band members:
Zoltán Farkas - drums, percussion
András Keleti - vocals, guitar
Péter Szalay - guitar, guitar synth
Márton Szinovszki - keyboards, sampler"
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