Vasárnapi Gyerekek - Vasárnapi Gyerekek

Vasárnapi Gyerekek - Vasárnapi Gyerekek
"The music, the style, the atmosphere, the spirit of Vasárnapi Gyerekek is best perceived by taking a good look at their generation.
They used to be kids, now they turned into thirty-somethings. Their parents belong to the generation of the 40’s, who were touched by the sweet breeze of the West, later known as the hippy movement. As schoolkids they would exchange button soccer teams for chewing gums, later they would secretly copy American hits from shellac records to their Terta and Mambó cassette recorders, then they would roll up their carpets, darken the room and show off the latest dance figures. They used to burn with fever; they used to live, love and beleive in the Cause.
Why is it important? Why are They important? Because they passed on what they got. They passed it on to this generation. For they too listened to this in their childhood. They grew up with the Beatles, the Stones, David Bowie. They got to know their stories. They became their fans. Now they are grownups.
They can watch themselves as kids recorded on 8mm films, they used to be pioneers, they used to play team games with their pioneer groups, they used to copy Európa Kiadó, I Love You, Talking Heads on their cassettes, and they attended cultic concerts in Tilos az Á.
This is the core of this band. Rock’n’roll is not their style, but their spirit. They pass on what they received, the way it flew through them, their modern spirits. It is about them, their growing up. About the way they learnt to love, the way they want to live. About their desire to know the world and themselves. Although no more kids, they are still young. They think about where they came from, where they want to go. It is Their turn.
The mission and the task remains the same. Lennon said in his last interview when asked about the mission of the Beatles, if it had any mission it was to make us learn to swim together. There used to be a cartoon entitled Közlekedj Okosan (Move Carefully In The Traffic) on TV. This is the answer of Vasárnapi Gyerekek: ""If through our music we learn to move carfully together with our audience, it’s no small achievement. This is something to be really happy about. The point is, that we must go together.""
Their latest work, the adaptation of Péterfy Bori & Love Band’s track, Szembogár, seems to be the most popular of the 11 adaptations on the album.
Vasárnapi Gyerekek is no everyday band. They touch new dimensions in both lyrics and sound that differ from stereotypes. They carry on the authenticity and sensibility of the legendary old Hungarian underground bands, adapted to the spirit of our times. It is no nostalgic adventure, they help us reach a basic, honest, deeply felt world in ourselves.
They rely on sweeping passions, they’re clear, articulate and well-thought-out, they retain the old rock classics’ elementary power renewing the artistic form in a sophisticated and revolutionary way. Their production reaches its aim, just like today’s several less energizing musical creations.
Benedek Darvas - voice, keyboard
Zsombor Dudás - drum, voice
Gábor Horváth - bass guitar
Ádám Czitrom - guitar, voice"
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