Cirkusz-KA - Kötéltánctangó

Cirkusz-KA - Kötéltánctangó
"Sour-sweet songs coming from music worlds longing to reach open ears and hearts. In Cirkusz-KA’s sound the varied feminine, winy, buzzing atmospheres are strained and smoothed by flamenco- and jazz-inspired virtuos guitar play. The addition of gadulka and ud adds further colours to the tale.
On the stage, serious frivolousness, superficiality and lyrical depths co-exist; Gregor Samsa and the Beauty start singing, the tango is tightrope-tango, the Moon’s flat, the stage’s dirty, the wine’s black, the wine’s sweet, the wine’s bitter.... Music is joy!
The small scale circus has performed in eight countries of Europe. Cirkusz-KA’s first album, entitled Kötéltánctangó, is released by NarRator Records in spring 2011.

The playfulness of the songs, the themes, the rhythms that embrace the songs and the lyrics all tell us tales about existing and imaginary people, real and imaginary events, and depict familiar atmospheres.
When recording the tango-chanson tracks of the album it was of primary importance to reflect what the three-member formation performs on the stage: to retain the wonderful colours of live acoustic music, to involve the listener into the intimate, fragile and humane world of chamber music.
Kötéltánctangó (Tightrope Dancer Tango), as the title indicates, is a manifestation of this sometimes playfully light, sometimes virtuouso, or fragile and minimalist performance that operates with the slightest (musical) gestures. Let’s give each and every sound their own value and meaning, and let Cirkusz-KA lead the listeners’ imagination in their wandering of various worlds.

Anna Szlávics - voice, kalimba, melodica, percussion, games and song writing
Tamás Rock - classical guitar and composition
István Simon - gadulka (Bulgarian resonating violin) and ud (Turkish lyre)"
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