Besh o droM - Kertünk alatt

Besh o droM - Kertünk alatt
"Attention! Not for conservation. It’s meant to dance to!
After 12 years, 4 continents, over 1,000 concerts, over 30,000 records sold, over 500,000 km’s of journey and 6 years with no album in April 2011 their new album, entitled ""Kertünk alatt"", was released by NarRator Records. Besides the bursting energy and rhythms that make even the lame dance, the album features renewed sound, new instruments and the new discoveries of their music map.
""Besh o droM... means ""sit on the road"" in Lovari (a kind of Gypsy) language"", start all the descriptions. This expression really means ""look after you business"", ""do what you have to"", ""find yourself"". The band started out 11 years ago to follow their own way, as their name suggests. Now is an important milestone on this road: after 6 years, the band’s 5th album is complete.
Besh o droM presents us the music of an imaginary world. In this world neighbouring peoples know each other, love each other and play each other’s musics. Various traditions are free to blend with each other and with modern influences. In this world there is no ""folk police"", folk music can be used, formed freely, and from self-taught punk-rocker to instructed Gypsy musician anyone is free to play it.
The band became stronger, more energetic and even more virtuos through the years. They play their characteristic dance music with a new sound; on folk, acustic, electric and electronic instruments.
Band members:
Attila Sidoo: guitar
Ádám Pettik: percussion, voice
Gergely Barcza: saxophones, kaval, EWI, tárogató, kaossillator
Lili Kaszai: voice
Attila Herr: bass guitar
József Csurkulya: cymbal
Vilmos Seres: accordion, clarinet"
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