Pluto - Nevem senki

Pluto - Nevem senki
"The group PLUTO plays lyric-centered dance songs.
Their music is an instinctive mixture of Hungarian lyric writer traditions, rockability rhythm beat music and the guitar-pop of the 21st century.
Pluto is an experienced club band, who give concerts regularly; the size of their audience and their popularity is steadily increasing.
Their 2006 Klub Vittula album made it to the ""303 Hungarian Albums You Need To Listen To Before You Die"" selection volume.
Their 2009 album, Menedék, was rated one of the best five albums of the year by Exit magazine.
In May 2010 the band was featured in MR2’s programme, ""Akusztik"", and it played in the summer festivals (Sziget, Fishing on Orfű, Campus Fesztivál, EFOTT).
In 2011 the band Vad Fruttik asked Pluto to play as an introducing band on their tour of the country.
Pluto started off the year 2011 with a song performed together with Bori Péterfy. ""Nagy Szívbűvölő"" became an instant hit. The trumpet solo was played by Dódi Kárpáti (Quimby). The track is part of the new album.
The foreman of the band is András Nemes guitarist-singer, who is also the founder, songwriter and singer of the band Biorobot (with Robi Bérczesi from Hiperkarma).
The present Pluto album is their first one that is not published as an author’s edition: it is published by NarRator Records.
Short, melodical songs that can be sung together, with words that make us think.
The usual rock Pluto sound is made more colourful by funky guitar, neo-soul effects, knocking piano and female vocale with the aim to express more universal sentiments.
This is when a former underground rock band begins to write clear-cut popsongs.
Menedék (2009)
This album was the first one to catch the attention of a wider audience. This is an author’s recording that allows free download from the Internet, and which was basically recorded in a kitchen and in a basement storage room.The experimental groove DIY-pop-rock album was selected one of the best 5 Hungarian albums of the year by Exit magazine. One of the songs of the album, Szilánk, was regularly broadcast by MR2-Petőfi Rádió in 2009.
Klub Vittula (2006)
This throaty and energetic garage-rock sound album pleased audiences as well as music critics. It was singled out as part of the most memorable albums, it was included in the selection ""The 303 Hungarian Albums You Nead to Listen To Before You Die""
Oda se neki, itt a Pluto (2004)
The introductory album of the band was the solo work of the foreman: a collection of teenage memories with guitar and drum machine. The most well-known track is the breakup song that has its own life, Maradjunk barátok.
Selection albums:
WAN2 Jövő Mérnökei selection / Rakparton (2007)

András Nemes - guitar, vocal
Zsombor Dudás - drums, vocal
Tamás Martinkó - guitar
Gábor Horváth - bass"
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