Panchan - Édenkelet

Panchan - Édenkelet
"""It is like listening to the imaginary folklore of a non-existent people. Like a blend of Lapp, Eskimo, Indian, Arabic, Afro-American, Anglo-Saxon musics. Sometimes it reminds you of Balcan, sometimes of Turkish, sometimes of African music music. Here it shows traces of blues, there of the Latin world. But all the pieces are transformed by the secret that lives in Erzsi Kiss’s soul.""
In Mexico, Panchan means Paradise. A place in the rain forest where bamboo huts hide far from big cities. People go there to relax, to calm down, to be on their own.
The percussion-voice band, Kiss Erzsi Panchan, was founded at the end of 2005. Erzsi Kiss’s a’capellas are accompanied and performed by his musician-actor friends. This is the source of the variability of their versatile music.
Erzsi Kiss is also a guest musican in the Eric Sumo Band, and she is a regular composer of pieces for puppet and dance performances. Kati Dombi is known in the world of contemporary dance; Linda Kovács has her own jazz band and is a singer in other formations; Anna Szandtner has already played in several theatres and films. Zsombor Dudás and István Pápai, who play the percussion in Panchan, are members of numerous experimental, contemporary and popular formations.
Their special atmosphere concerts are like theatre performances. Erzsi Kiss’s musical words that are spoken in a ""languageless language"" - from the Afro world to the Tyrolean rhymes - are each playful journeys, stories, tales, images sounding in a human voice and accompanied by the beat of magic drums.

Their first album was entitled Édenkelet. Listening to the album and looking at the suitcase covered in stickers and drawings our imagination takes us away for a long trip from the hot humid rain forest across the Balcan even to the snow-covered landscapes of the North.
The album is built on the words sounding in the ""languageless language"". The repetitive songs often imitate drums. These and the vocals ""hiding"" behind and beating to the sound of the percussion instruments create a language that everybody understands. Sometimes we are made to feel as if in a tale. Besides human voices, the instruments themselves also transform, play roles, sometimes depict dark moments to finally lead us to a sunny ""it-never-was"" Afro world."
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