Hortobágyi László - Gāyan Uttejak Orchestra - Guonthology - 3 CD + Könyv

"Gayan Uttejak Orchestra
Gayan Uttejak Orchestra (Guo) has been in existence since 1984, with members renewed form time to time, still consistent in focus and direction, and often embracing musicians from different countries. The Orchesta was founded by Gayan Uttejak Society that is operating, among others, the Archive of Oriental Music, to be considered unique and unrivalled in Eastern Europe. Guo’s music combines traditional Hindu-Islamic and classical Asian musical structures and textures performed in original orchestration, with creative techniques aimed at a possible, global still virtual language of music, effectuating simultaneously a live-electronic sound synthesis controlled by the traditional instruments, in complete conformity with 21st Century traditions of Guo.

The Guonthology, this triple-CD work, sums up a good 20 year period of Gayan Uttejak Orchestra’s life-work. The specialty of this anthology lies in the fact, that besides the three CDs with Guo’s masterpieces, you also get a beautifully designed book providing sleeves for the CDs. This 60 page book, on the one hand, presents the Orchestra’s history and current and former members, and, on the other hand, illustrates Guo’s World through conversations, thoughts, interviews, paintings etc. The recorded compositions preserve in their authenticity both the musical structures being the outcomes of continuous collecting activity in the area of Indian music since 1967, and the elements of a music system and language created out of it, as well, and try to combine it with the composing possibilities provided by computers.
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