Trans-Formation - Véda kertje

Trans-Formation - Véda kertje
"""The second album of Trans-formation is a real masterpiece. It’s varied, eclectic music in the good sense, in which contemporary music, progressive rock and worldmusic effects are equally present. Each member of the quartet is a very talented and creative musician... Already their 2007 introductory album made it evident that they found their way of expresison, the unified musical language that they alone speak... While on the previous album all the songs were written by Tibor, the new CD contains mainly Eszter’s compositions.""
""Eszter Pozsár’s musical experience ranges from classical and jazz through Indian to up-to-date post-bop and cool bands. It is exactly her wide-ranging knowledge of styles that made it possible for her to develop her own voice. Her main instrument is the flute, which she handles with excellent technical expertise. Her play equals that of the best of the genre.""
""Trans-formation, founded in 2005, is theoratically the flutist, saxophonist Pozsár Eszter’s band. In real life it has worked as a real community in the musical and personal sense alike since the beginnings. The band is characterised by its special composition of instruments. Rhythm consists of guitar, bass guitar and percussion, which is made complete by flute, alto flute, bansuri and soprano saxophone. The quartet plays the modern compositions of the members of the group. Flute - an instrument that rarely appears in jazz - plays a dominant part. Each musician made detours to other musics of different styles, this aboundant experience is summarised, ""transformed"" in their music.""
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