Horgas Eszter - Full Tilt tango

Horgas Eszter - Full Tilt tango
"Eszter Horgas, flutist honoured with the Order of the Hungarian Republic, presents her audience with a new album. Her 23rd album, entitled Full Tilt Tango, is a real tango treat.
The traditional framework of the genre, however, does not apply to these tangos.

We hear a multitude of genres from Eszter Horgas and her fellow musicians - Gábor Cseke piano, keyboard; Viktor Hárs bass; Lajos Gyenge drum, percussion; Ilona Meskó piano; Krisztián Dajka guitar; Krisztián Kurucz violoncello; Bence Gazda violin; Milos Punisic accordion. Beyond Astor Piazzola’s Argentine Tango, we get a complete picture of the borderless world of musical language from classical music to rock. The music pulses from desire to consummation. The nine musicians voice their tales on a thousand instruments. The CD aims to present the manysided nature of our lives; just like tango, the most improvisative dance does. The man leads, and the woman has no way of predicting the next step. With all the attention of her soul, her body, her senses she seeks to commune with the man, to follow his tiniest moves.

""Full Tilt Tango - that is tango at the highest speed. Black and red, sensual and passionate, full of blood and tender, mad and rapturous. Dance and play and hide-and-seek of Man and Woman."" - (Eszter Horgas)
""She’s passionate and ethereal, daring and chaste, vibrating and shy, provocative and timid. At times she’s the fallen-triumphant Carmen of sensual passion, unbridled freedom, burning desires; at other times the Blessed Mary of harmony, purity, transfiguration; and always Eszter Horgas."" - (András Szegő)"
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