Two Too - Érzések és bombanők

Two Too - Érzések és bombanők
"The Nők Lapja Café CD Review wrote the following on 18th December 2002:
The formation TWO TOO is introduced. Their first album was created with the participation of outstanding artists like András Kern, Gyula Csepregi and Kornél Fekete Kovács.
The members of TWO TOO are Judit Szimon (voice), János Schmidt (voice, keyboards, guitar) and Zoltán Schmidt (voice, acustic guitar, electric guitar)
András Kern plays prose: he talks about the relationship of men and women in the parts that connect the songs. Thus we can accompany the emotional adventures of men from the teenage jeune premier, to the settled father. Some titles from the album: Bombanő (Dolly), Volt egy lány (There Was A Girl), Elvált apukák dala (Song Of Divorced Fathers), Jó tanácsok túlélésre (Good Advice For Survival)
The song and lyric of the songs were written by János Schmidt, and he did the instrumentation as well. The music director of the album was Gyula Csepregi. The recording was made in Yellow studio in 2001 and 2002.
A remix and a joyful video clip was made for the number one song of the album, Bombanő. The specialty of the album is that the author, János Schmidt, is an acknowledged lawyer in Budapest, and some of the contributors to the album were members of his clientele."
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