MEX - Pszicho-pata

MEX - Pszicho-pata
"Héda wrote the following about this MEX album in the Online Music Magazine on Rockgyémá (
Pszicho-pata finally appeared! After so many promises and waiting the ""new"" songs are not featured in their concerts only. Taking the cover in hand, you can see that MEX astounds you again with something new. Look at the giant eye and the faces painted white that shock you. The representatives of Metal Machine Music meet the high standards we expect from them. The various samples add a lot to the already exciting songs. Those who have been to one of their concerts know how fantastically these four proficient musicians perform the songs even without any electrical ""gadgets"". This album is just as fast as the previous ones, it’s impossible to take in all the puns at first listening. All the songs are real Mex songs, they all have the atmosphere that characterises nobody but them. I’d like to highlight the song Semmi (Nothing), which is given an ironic tone by the fact that it was this song that was selected as a radio song. Those who have expected another adaptation will not be disappointed: there are two of these on the album, one of them Madonna’s Like a Virgin, the other Depeche Mode’s I Feel You. Of course they are both seen from a new angle.
I recommend this album to those who are intent on hearing the hobby band of session musicians like Gábor Madarász, Barnabás Kovács, Zoltán Schvéger and Gábor Závodi."
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