Agnus Dei - Minden

Agnus Dei - Minden
Agnus Dei, the first Hungarian "rock supergroup" came out with their first and so far only album in 1998. The members play in highly successful music groups and together they launched the new spiritual, thumping rock production. F.O. System’s former great group of fans have welcomed the frontman’s (Attila Mátyás) return to dark music. Despite their plans, successful concerts and the audience’s involvement, the group had ceased to exist by the time the album was published, because of internal tensions.
Attila Mátyás (F.O. System, Sex Action) - song, guitar
Róbert Juhász (Slogan, Wellington) - guitar
Gábor Pálvölgyi, "Csiga" (Southern Special) - bass guitar
Péter Újvári (Bedlam) - drums
Agnus Dei gave their first concert in 1994 at the Halloween Party of the Budapest E-Klub. They wore monk’s habits, and played among giant candles. The musicians had used to spend their days in the deepest abysses of rock music, on this occasion their music flew high. The name of the band (God’s Lamb) was misinterpreted on several occasions, and understood to reflect some sort of religious or sect influence, whereas they have simply meant to select a name with a moral value. They gave numerous concerts, and stepped on stage during the Sziget Festival.
Except for a single song, which Csiga co-authored, all lyrics and words of Agnus Dei were by Attila Mátyás. The tracks were instrumented and recorded with the participation of Csaba Nemes. Some of the cover photos were by Csaba Jerabek, bass guitarist of the F.O. System.
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