MEX - Virtual

MEX - Virtual
"Heavy music with straightforward words. The long awaited new songs from the Metal Music Machine, a peculiar adaptation among them.
MEX formation is a 10-year-old Hungarian rock band. But you shouldn’t picture ancient guys with long untidy hair in leather jackets. MEX follows the modern version of rock music both with their music and their appearance.
The band that consists of Barna Kovács (bass guitar), Gábor Madarász (guitar), Zoltán Schvéger (drums) and Gábor Závodi (voice) addresses the big questions of life, like girls, destructive addictions, the mediocrity of the individual and each other’s following and copying. Virtuál tries to send a serious message to the young, each song expresses the band’s thoughts. The question is how much impact these advices will have on the target audience. The music is varied, the work of trained musicians. The words are unambiguous and highly effective."
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