Hevesi Tamás - Vagyok

Hevesi Tamás - Vagyok
In 2000 Tamás Hevesi’s fourth album entitled "Vagyok" came out. In the year of the Sydney Olympic Games Tamás entered and was ranked first by the Hungarian Olympic Committee in the competition for the official march of the Hungarian Olympic Team. The title was "Sydney felé". Another success on the album is the song "Miénk a Világ!", that is still broadcast often and that audiences call the "Akkor indulj hát" song. The song "Vasárnapi ebéd" (Sunday lunch) wished "good appetite" nearly every Sunday to all listeners thanks to Radio Petőfi. "Szeretlek" (I love you) is often heard on radio request programmes since the sensitivity and clarity of Tamás’s songs deeply touched his listeners. As an acknowledgement of his artistic work still in the same year he was awarded the international "Golden Lyre Prize", which was handed over to him in Thália theatre. A few weeks later he - and simultaneously others, among them Ákos - was awarded the "Roland Friendship Prize" that he received in the Budapest Vigadó. In 2001 Kanizsa town of Vojvodina rewarded Tamás’s undeterred belief in and strength for Hungarians living outside the boundaries of the country. He strived to keep contact with Hungarians there, to shape a common future, and to closely co-operate with them (starting as early as the 1993 war). He co-operated in numerous charity concerts and performances trying to make those people a bit happier. Tamás, the performer from the mother country, - who even sang in the "Ziccer Klub" when our young Hungarian brothers fled their Serbian drafts - is mentioned in several Serbian books. Many-many requests, performances and trips.
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