Cabaret Medrano - Éjszakai járat

Cabaret Medrano - Éjszakai járat
"The band that formed in 2001 plays uniquely complex music.
The founder and frontman, Imre Kamondy, is singer, lyric writer, actor whose characteristic play and way of performing on the stage, adds drama to the concerts. The other founder, György Verebes (painter from Vojvodina and leader of the Szolnok Art District), also lyric writer and song writer determinates the band’s image with his emotional and improvisative piano play. János Nemes, flutist, the determining soloist of the concerts plays the saxophone and the kaval, and has authored several songs. Gábor Horváth, the popular bass guitarist is well-known from underground music life, and played in productions of Balaton, Ági és a fiúk, and Jenő Menyhárt (Európa Kiadó), who occasionally visits home to Hungary. The drummer of the band is Zsigmond
Szert, known for his energetic play, and the violinist is Csongor Csipkés. Permanent guests: Bence Darvas - trumpet, Áron Porteleki and Zsombor Dudás - drums.

The bittersweet and ironic words are written by Imre Kamondy. Grotesquely sketched, big city figures’ stories in the night, our contemporary Budapest in a curved mirror. Pensioners’ march, flick of love, gangster swing, fun-fair song, envigorating ditty, homeless rock, pirate ballad.

The band is a regular performer in Budapest clubs (Gödör Klub, Pótkulcs, Jelen, Nyitott Műhely, Könyvtár Pinceklub, Sirály etc.), but have already played in Millenáris Fogadó during the Magyar Filmszemle, in the Pécsi Országos Színházi Találkozó (POSZT ), in Művészetek Völgye, in Sziget Fesztivál and in EFOTT.

In the previous years their concerts often featured guest artists e.g. Eszter Csákányi, Éva Enyedi, Zoltán Tamási, Evelyn Tóth, János Bujdosó (guitar), Kristóf Darvas (accordion), Tamás Deák (percussion), Zsombor Dudás (percussion), Kálmán Gáspár (zymbalon), Bence Gazda (violin), Hans van Vliet (trombone).

The band’s first album entitled ""Éjszakai járat"" appeared in December 2007. The band first performed the songs of the album in Szkéné theatre with the musicians of Specko Jedno’s musicians (János Bujdosó, Kristóf Darvas, Zsombor Dudás). They repeated the performance in March 2008.

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Cabaret Medrano Band:
Imre Kamondy: vocal, texts
György Verebes: piano, accordion
Bence Darvas: violin, trompet, piano, melodika, accordion, percussion, vocal
János Nemes: saxophon, ""kavala""
Gábor Horváth: bass
Ferenc Pfeiler: drum"
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