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  • "The band M.É.Z. was founded in 1988 to play Irish and Scottish folk music, that was unknown in Hungary at the time. The continuous work of a few years has made them well-known throughout the country. Acting as the opening band for Jethro Tull in their Budapest concert in 1993 certainly contributed to their this.
    The first album appeared in 1995 as a selection of the work of the seven previous years, with the title BEST OF M.É.Z.
    In 1996 it was followed by their second album, SOYEZ MYSTERIEUSES. Several songs of this album were featured on a cassette that accompanied an English language course book.
    Getting farther and farther from the traditional tone, the special M.É.Z. tone was formed. M.É.Z. often incorporates other musical styles to add further interest to Scottish and Irish music, retaining their high standards and the entertaining quality of their music.
    In 1998, they published another experimental work: on the album, A DUBLINI ÚTON, they perform their music in Hungarian language in co-operation with Hobo. Irish, Scottish, English folk music with a taste of M. É.Z. and with Hobo’s Hungarian words.
    This was followed by the album THE FAIRIES, which is probably the most artistic of their albums. The most respectful station of the album’s first tour was the concert-show in the Pest Vigadó, of which a video recording appeared in 2001.
    Based on the idea of the band’s publisher, NarRator Records, a remix album, entitled LEMÉZLOVASOK, was made with the participation of famous Hungarian performers and composers. Several members of the band changed during the 15 years, causing a positive change of tone. Consistency is represented by the characteristic performation of Henrik Kuklis, founder-singer."
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