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Envoy - A Peculiar season

Envoy - A Peculiar season
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  • "Envoy is a five-piece guitar pop band from Budapest, Hungary formed in 2006. The group finished its debut LP, A Peculiar Season, in spring 2010, which was recorded live at Sound Master Studios Budapest with acclaimed engineer Barnabás Hidasi.
    The album was released in Hungary on NarRator Records in May 2010. One of its songs, Sitting Here, is in rotation on MR2-Petőfi Rádió and has enjoyed a stay in the Petőfi Rádió TOP 30. The band gave interviews to the Nappali and Teadélután programmes of the m1 TV channel concerning the release of the album.
    The LP focuses on the call-and response dynamics of male and female vocalists Gergely Kovács and Evelyne Kandech, accompanied by a rich, inspiring guitar soundscape. The album’s main points of reference are British and American acts as diverse as Radiohead, Massive Attack, Depeche Mode, House of Love or Sonic Youth.
    The band is active on the Budapest club scene, its album release party was held at the Merlin in May 2010 accompanied by two VJs (Six & Senon) who frequently support Envoy with
    their striking visuals.
    A Peculiar Season is the debut album from Budapest-based guitar pop band ENVOY. The LP was released in Hungary on NarRator Records in May 2010, and was recorded live at Sound Master Studios Budapest with engineer Barnabás Hidasi. Besides Sitting Here, which is already on Hungarian radio playlists the album features 10 more songs that showcase the group’s energetic, individual sound, with the dual vocals of Evelyne Kandech and Gergely Kovács and diverse, textured guitars at its core.

    Envoy Band:
    Kovács Gergely-gitar, vocals, keyboards, percussion
    Kucsma Tamás-gitar, backing vocals, keyboards, percussion
    Tóth András-bass
    Váradi György-drums
    Kandech Evelin-vocals

    Újvári Péter- backing vocals, keyboards"
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