Not for sale - Új utakon

Not for sale - Új utakon
"Not for sale’s album ""Veled vagy ellened"" came out in 2000. The songs "Boldogtalan szép világ" and "Veled vagy ellened" topped radios’ hit lists for weeks in 2000. The band also appeared in most popular music TV programs.
In 2001 they started to work on their second album, which was published in 2002 with the title ""Új utakon"". The CD contains 11 songs, and its atmosphere is slightly different from that of the ""Boldogtalan szép világ"" album. It fuses funky, acid and pop, and at the same time retains the high standards.
This second CD is also a sign of the stylistic change that the band went through. Apart from the previous sanguinic, melancholic songs this album contains cheerful, but still valuable songs. The list of excellent authors is guarantee to this: songs by Zsolt Gyulai, Péter Gerendás, Áron Romhányi, György Frey and Márk Beke are featured on the album. Not for sale is for those demanding quality entertainment. Experience showed that the songs are not for the over-25 only. Feedback from younger audiences is proof that the work of the band is widely known and acknowledged.
The special style music world meets the tonal expectations of the year 2000. Soul-Funk, - now again popular, - blends well with Rap’s exciting tunes and rhythms. The target audience is the exacting MTV generation that grew up from the techno-generation, or the under-30’s.
Increasingly popular English and American performers justify the existence of this style.
The effect of groove and synthetic bases, classical and electric guitar sound and vocal tones appear in Not for sale’s world. They write, instrument, play, sing, record and master their own songs."
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