KÁ NA ÁN - Találj rám (MC)

KÁ NA ÁN - Találj rám (MC)
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The permanent members of the formation are Tamás Kálmán (voice, guitar) and Zoltán Nagy (piano, instrumentation) with whom guest musicians play in the concerts. They started playing together in 1998, because of the similarity of their thinking, their age, their favourite bands and their accords. They had no specific goal, only ideas. By now they have a clear goal: to create. Music. They are both young college students.
They recorded this album playing with renowned studio musicians (Zoltán Sipeki, Lajos Gyenge, György Frey, Gábor Csizmadia, István Elek, Ferenc Schreck, Kornél Fekete Kovács) in TOM-TOM studio.
The 13 songs were recorded with quality instrumentation, are full of accords and are still easy to listen to. Here follow some telling quotes from contributors to the album:
""These songs could be painted, they are so atmospheric... They glow with gift and the love of music. Tamás has a wonderful voice!"" (Henriett Czerovszky)
""This album was made by brave people for curious people."" (László Reményi, sound supervisor)
""It is said... Their music is like they are themselves. They are very good people!" (Sándor Födő jr.)
The exceptional songs of the album are greatly instrumented, and what is probably the most important, they sound of honesty and content! I congratulate them, and wish everything good to KÁ NA ÁN. (Kornél Fekete Kovács)
Last but not least, the role model of the boys, Gábor Presser, said about the album: ""I am very glad about these beautiful songs!"""
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