Maksa Zoltán - Best of Maksa I. (MC)

Maksa Zoltán  - Best of Maksa I. (MC)
"This album is only available on CC!
After 20 years of experience, six nearly 1.5-hour programmes, 2 3-hour humour galas in Petőfi Csarnok, innumerable television and radio comedies and Maksa Híradó, here comes a real synthesis of the ever-growing archive of the humourist.
It’s almost unbelievable, but true: Zoltán Maksa ""officially"" started his career as a humourist exactly 20 years ago, as it was his success at the 1982 Humour Festival that kicked off his career (several of us remember the great monologues, ""The Trainer"" performed by Róbert Koltay or the ""The Driving Instructor"" performed by Gábor Agárdi). Maksa’s last humourous recording appeared 5 years ago, in 1997, entitled "Lassan a testtel!"
The present comedy album entitled BEST OF MAKSA is a 60-minute compilation of select radio comedies of the author, from his pieces written between 1995-2002. The recording that is bound to make you laugh your head off is available on CC and CD. Comedy enthusiasts will enjoy Zoltán Maksa’s announcements and performances of an unmatched atmosphere. The album features the ""Ski Instructor"" parody performed in Friderikusz’s program ""Meglepő és mulatságos""; the sequel to the ""Hospital Nurse"" that appeared on the 1994 album, Portrék; and the most popular piece of Kabarécsütörtök, the similarly health care themed ""Basic Health Care"".
The album concludes with Zoltán Maksa’s latest writing, the ""Japanese Waiter"" parody that was performed in November 2002 in the Rádiókabaré with huge success. The select pieces are made coherent by Zoltán’s freshly recorded connecting words.
The author recommends this compilation to all those who are fed up with politics, boorish jokes and would prefer some higher standard entertainment instead."
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