Karácsony János - Boldog Karácsony (MC)

Karácsony János - Boldog Karácsony (MC)
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János Karácsony, James. Composer, performer, guitarist, singer. He was born on 19th August 1951 in Budapest, and spent his childhood in Óbuda. He learnt to play the piano, then opted for the classical guitar. In 1968 he joined the band Ferm, and in 1971 he was one of the musicians to found Generál. He joined Locomotiv GT in 1975.
His virtuoso play on the guitar, his clear voice, the special atmosphere of his songs added new taste to the world of the band. Besides playing in LGT he worked with several other bands and performers as a music director and guitarist. He was also a member of the 1982 Supergroup, a temporary formation of jazz and rock musicians.
His first solo album entitled Az időn túl (Beyond time) came out in 1986. Its songs were first performed live with Sándor Révész on a memorable tour. In 1990 he toured the country with two other good friends, István Lerch and János Solti. He retired after the goodbye concert of Locomotiv GT in 1992, taking part in less and less productions. His second solo album, James, was released in 1996, and he returned to the stage and to the studio when LGT and Generál were reborn.
However, he has never been cut off from music. He kept on composing and practicing during his years of withdrawal. Today James plays the guitar amazingly, and gives birth to wonderful songs. Thanks to this, the 2002 LGT album entitled ""A fiúk a kocsmába mentek"" can almost be regarded as his benefit performance, and the album entitled Boldog Karácsony! that comes out late this year is the peak of his solo career so far.
The brand new solo album that follows a long silence contains ten wonderful songs about love, accompanied by ten beautiful thoughts from Attila Korom. The recording was made in Gábor Závodi’s studio, who has already worked with János Karácsony as a sound-man during the works of LGT’s 424 album."
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