M.É.Z. - LeM.É.Z.lovasok(MC)

M.É.Z. - LeM.É.Z.lovasok(MC)
"Joint album by M. É.Z., the band well-known for their Irish music, and renowned artists with the original M. É.Z. version of the adaptations.
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Some M. É.Z. songs reached Hungarian stars. The makers of the remixes are all outstanding figures of their own musical genre. The fact that they accepted the request for the joint production is proof that M. É.Z. had passed the border of ""a plain Irish band"" category. They have formed their own style and tone with their instrumentation and their sound.
The album LEM.É.Z.LOVASOK was prepared in co-operation with famous Hungarian stars:
Ákos and Lepe made a remix from the song ""Fenn a hegyvidéken"" that appeared on the album ""Dublini úton"" (On The Dublin Road).
Pierrot, a long time lover and expert of world music made a brand new remix song from The Rising of the Moon, one of the most popular songs from the album The Fairies.
Péter Rozgonyi (TOM-TOM Studio), sound-man and musical supervisor of the band, made a groove version of Paddy’s Farewell, a wonderful, slow song.
The popular DJ of our days, Sterbinszky (and Tranzident), have also settled in the studio to create a song with M.É.Z... The result is a flesh and blood Irish Coffee!
The keyboardman-composer of EDDA, Zsolt Gömöry, created an absolutely special remix from the song Taste the Fairy.
Apart from the interpreted, instrumented and adapted songs, the album features their original version, in the hope that listening to the album that will reach a wider audience, the listeners will be enchanted by the taste of M.É.Z.!"
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