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Gerendás Péter - Memento

Gerendás Péter - Memento
    Gerendás Péter’s new album conjures memories of painful history. The songs commemorate the victims of the holocaust. The artist integrated his emotions into a musically and conceptually carefully composed structure. The listeners of the album are touched by the pain, sorrow and desperation that pointless bloodshed provokes in every feeling heart.
    The album features some eternal songs (Százéves pályaudvar, Ötezer éves kő - naturally adapted to the atmosphere of the album), some new pieces and some reworks. Miklós Radnóti’s beautiful poem, the Hetedik ecloga - told by Oszkár Gáti - for which Péter composed accompaniment is a delicacy.
    The cover design, which is closely related to the musical motives, is by Ferenc Flamm, famous graphic artist living in Sweden."
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