- Ahogy lesz (MC) - Ahogy lesz (MC)
"Bursting energy and naturality characterises the group consisting of well-known musicians, Stories about dwarves and wizards, oafs and drunk maidens, high spirits and madness.
The vitality of’s new album lies in Celtic melodies, Hungarian and Balcanic rhythms. The traditional solo instruments (piano accordion, buzuki, flute) are given a modern, highly dynamic musical background. At the same time here and there we can hear the musical motives of other peoples, classical quotes, which make the music even more entertaining, and rendering this music worldmusic, a genre very fashionable in our days.
The names behind sweeping rhythms - Gábor Sajben (bass guitar) and Róbert Juhász (drums); virtuose solos - Gábor Batta (piano accordion and buzuki); inspired lyrics - Sándor Molnár (guitar, voice, lyrics); suggestive personality and natural born showman - János Péter (flute).
The guest musicians of the album that was released in November 2004: János Karácsony - voice, guitar (LGT); Bernadett Moór - voice, vocale (ex-Bestiák); Lajos Gyenge - drum, percussion (HBB, etc.); Zoltán Lantos - violin (Mirrorworld).
The album contains 12 tracks: songs about love, power-hungry dwarves, an eloquent wanderer, a ballad about 11 September and three instrumental pieces. The 7th track of the CD (A hetedik nap / The seventh day) sends a special message: it calls our attention to cultures in danger. The symbolism of ""A hetedik nap"" means the last opportunities to protect the varied linguistic an cultural values. The album features a rework from the renowned representative of the genre, Loreena McKennitt. The album is sponsored by Rádió Café."
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