Ez a Divat - We felt so mixed up in the Neitherlands

Ez a Divat - We felt so mixed up in the Neitherlands
"Funny name, serious music.
The group Ez a divat was among the first to start experimenting with the blending of jazz and various electronic styles at the end of the ‘90’s. At the beginning of the 2000’s they were often seen with Anima Sound System and colorStar, but soon their own audience was born, and they started to give concerts on their own. They played in Gödör Club, on A38, in the Merlin Theatre, in the Millenáris and in the Sziget Festival.
They had co-operated in several compilations (Real Ibiza 5, Balaton Grooves), before their first album entitled From the Head to the Feet came out in 2006. The music is outstanding in the history of Hungarian electronic jazz, and it was received positively by the best international presenters of the genre.
In July 2009 the second album of Ez a Divat entitled Hello from the Neitherlands was published by NarRator Records. The nine songs are much more danceable that the previous album, jazz and deep-funk is mixed with electronics. The songs of the two maxi CD’s that appeared as a fore-runner were broadcasted in radios in Poland, Canada, Spain and Macedonia as well as in Budapest. The British trip-hop star Flevans made a remix for the Decent People song of the album - the remix is broadcasted in several countries.
The commitment of the members is characterised by their exclusive participation in Ez a Divat. They acknowledge the big names of the genre. They have played in concert with Waldeck, the famous representative of Vienna nujazz, and with Montefiori Coctail formation, the saint lunatics of lounge jazz among others. Dj. Jon Kennedy (UK) invited them as guests, and we have seen Ez a divat perform before Fatima Spar.
Ez a divat that puts pop tunes on dance jazz - funk - and soul bases is unique in Hungary in getting their hits remixed one after the other by reknowned producers of the international fun breaks world. Lack Of Afro is a young Englishman, Adam Gibbons producer and musician, who gained the admiration of the experts with his new album (Press On), and is now compared to the other young multitalented Quantic. The partyboomer beat-funk-soul remix by Flevans that appeared at the British Tru Thoughts, a publisher decisive in funk business is also outstanding. Flevans calls the adaptation prepared for the Hungarian guys his favourite remix. Random Chocolates that includes English (Michael Kentish) Canadian (Richard Adkin) and Hungarian (Asztalos Dávid) members has prepared an adaptation reminding us of the meditative songs of Kings of Convenience, made more intimate by the slow beating of guitar themes. Danish BadboE has been preparing his funny, entertaining dance music for the past 15 years, and is one of the most well-known DJ’s of the funk/breaks scene. Párizs, the éminence grise of the Ludditák and Vono Box prepared a remix that opens from fast electro-funk to disco.
""We Felt So Mixed up in the Neitherlands"", the new remix album of Ez a divat is a CD with a nice musical curve, taking us from meditative slow rhythms to very fast ones seizing every opportunity to entertain and satisfy us.

Ez a divat Band:
Csorba Melinda - lead vocal
Bene János - drums
Gál Dániel - keyboards
Kiss Árpád - trumpet
Kovács Ádám - sax
Lakinger József - bass"
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