Török Ádám és a MINI - Éjszakai harcos

Török Ádám és a MINI - Éjszakai harcos
"Right after Török Ádám and his fellow musicians (the band MINI) arrived at the airport on the return from their Swiss tour, they drove to TOM-TOM studio to start recording their new album. The CD was released at the 29th January superconcert. The protagonist, Ádám Török, tells us about the brand new songs:
The album is entitled Éjszakai harcos. We haven’t done anything similar to this since 1999. Although we have made a studio recording, it was more of an instrumental, progressive rock recording. This is perhaps an album that allows an insight into the complete story of Mini. Real Mini style. It contains 11 new songs. Although 3 of these have already been part of Mini’s repertoire, we have fundamentally reworked them. They have never appeared on a CD before. I have put all my old songs on a CD in the 90’s. We have reworked them with RABB or Mini. Now we added a bit of groove to them, so they got some drum machines, effects and we reworked the three old songs. This makes them completely new, although I think they were rather good songs previously too. Progressive rock songs. The other eight songs are completely new, they were born last year. It’s a novelty that two songs were not written by us. Our publisher, NarRator Records, recommended us to listen to the songs of young talents. We have selected two of these, to further freshen the Mini sound. Of course the characteristic Mini sound is still there, this album is still a mixture of rhythm and blues and progrock with great flute and piano solos!
Musicians: Ádám Török (flute, voice), Károly Németh (Roland keyboards), Miklós Köves (drums), Attila Paróczai (bass guitar, vocal)"
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