Le a fejjel! - Filmzene

Le a fejjel! - Filmzene
"LE A FEJJEL! film music
The story of Péter Tímár’s new film takes us to the middle ages. There’s a country where a crazy king reigns, which is just as well: by and large all the inhabitants of the country are crazy too. Our hero, the cup-bearer to the king has a lot of problems. First, his job is very exhausting. He may happen to have to fill the king’s glass on as many as three occasions a day, and his home is far from being a tranquil resort. On top of all this, the cup-bearer’s wife is trying to earn some extra money by operating an illegal pub in their house. This deserves beheading. And in general, here in the middle ages anything deserves beheading. Within a few days the king disguised as a beggar, the queen disguised as a fortuneteller, the media star of the time, Lothár, the hangman, the Bulgarian assassin, and a few other loony-strange figures all turn up in the pub. ""Le a fejjel!"" is a full-blooded comedy about the man of all times who in the maze of politics is guided by one sole goal: survival.
The music of the film reminds us of the highly successful music album, Csinibaba. What’s more, the authors are also similar: the producer of the music album is Gábor Závodi (singing a few sons himself), but Henriett Czerovszky and Attila Bársony also sing on the album. Further guest artists: Anita, Ildikó Keresztes, Ganxsta Zolee & Kartel, Roy, Péter and Tamás Sipos (Irigy Hónaljmirigy).
The album contains 10 tracks linked with and made more exciting by dialogues from the film. The words of the songs fit the atmosphere of the film excellently. While listening to the songs, we meet the popular star of the day, the hangman, and we get insight into the secrets of poison making and the hardships of reigning. The hit of the album is the song entitled Az élet gyönyörű szép (performed by Roy), which could be regarded as the ars poetica of the album."
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