Maksa Zoltán - Best of Maksa II.

Maksa Zoltán  - Best of Maksa II.
"Our beloved humourist, Zoltán Maksa, celebrates his 25 years on stage in 2007. It is understandable that this exceptional occasion prompted him to some summary of his works. The humourist writes this of his new album, "Best of Maksa II":
The world has changed a lot since the 1982 Humour Festival, and humour changed with it. While earlier a well-written, perhaps longer humouresque or scene met great success, today light, often unstructured, subjective one-man-shows are the norm, adapting to the needs of the audiences always more and more worn out by their everyday life. The ability to laugh, luckily, still persists throughout the country, thus a CD of humour-selection is bound to be successful, especially if it sums up a whole radio comedy career!
The album features the almost complete radio pieces of Maksa, from the parody, ""The Trainer"", in the 1982 Humour Festival, in the unforgettable performance of Róbert Koltay, which took Maksa to the final of the Festival; through the ""Hospital Nurse"", most popular with audiences; to the parody of the little chinese shopkeeper. This album is a worthy continuation of the album "Best of Maksa I" Published 5 years ago, for the 20th anniversary of the humourist.

We recommend Zoltán Maksa’s latest CD to all those who enjoy politics- and obscenity-free entertainment, and who choose to take humour against hard days...."
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