Mizar - Leszek én

Mizar - Leszek én
"Since its foundation in 2002 the band Mizar has been awarded 18 prizes in eight different musical competitions; composed and recorded the music of several Hungarian films; became well-known in Hungarian music life; and became highly popular with audiences who like quality music. Their winning the Jazzy Dalverseny in 2007 put the crown on all this. They played ""Újra a parton"", which made them one of the best known Hungarian jazz performers and the number one Hungarian smoothjazz band. Only a few weeks following this, their first album ""Leszek én…"" was released, which Jazzy Radio rewards with 80 spots, the priority broadcasting of their music, and festival invitations. In November, Mizar is placed 3rd on Jazzy’s TOP10 preceeding international stars. Leszek én... contains 12 songs and a bonus track.
The members of the band Fanni Sárközy (voice, keyboard, composer, Péter Gerendás band, Imago Mundi band), Péter Schneider (guitar, voice, accordion), Gábor Pusztai (drums, percussion, Misztrál, Budapest Festival Band) are all trained musicians (jazz conservatory, Master’s degree in Classical Music). They invited several Hungarian and internationally renowned musicians as guest musicians for their album: Gyula Gáspár - bassguitar: Royal Express, Zoltán Bacsa - trumpet: soloist of Kecskemét Jazz Orchestra, Ferenc Csatos - trumpet: member of the Ernő Dohnányi Symphony Orchestra, Balázs Kovács - oboe: soloist of the Stuttgart Radio Philharmonic Orchestra, Balázs Latorczai - didgeridoo: member of the popular Clubera group, Péter Magyar - trombone: member of Patrizio Baeza’s band, Dániel Mester - saxophone: member of Modern Art Orchestra, Csaba Novák - contra bass: member of Kálmán Balogh’s orchestra and Bea Palya’s group, Nikola Parov- kaval: internationally renowned musician, composer, earlier member of Riverdance group (USA), composer of Naplegenda dance performance among other works."
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