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Török Ádám 60 és a MINI - Messze visz az út

Török Ádám 60 és a MINI - Messze visz az út
  • The album "Messzire visz az út" (The road takes us far) tries to give us a comprehensive view of Ádám Török’s past 20 years of work. It offers a good cross-section of the life-work born from a mixture of blues, rock, jazz-rock and progrock. The album mainly consists of live recordings. The first nine songs were recorded in 2005 at the concert in Petőfi Csarnok. Tracks 10 and 11 are real treats, made in the days of the change of regime. Song 12 was born in 2007 as a late paraphrase of the Kereszteslovag (Crusader). The last song was recorded in 1990 with the participation of the legengary Jammin group.
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