Chakra Hacker - Blood Hit Parade

Chakra Hacker - Blood Hit Parade
"Chakra Hacker’s first album, Blood Hit Parade, appeared in 2007. The group has been an active member of the Hungarian music scene since 2004. Audiences at home have met their music that is individual in Hungary, on several occasions.
Their original music mixes Eastern European melodies with Latin rhythms and Afro-beat. Their mournful and rollicking world jazz flirts with the socialist bar atmosphere and other Hungarian pecularities, still keeping a jazzy articulation and a tendency for a psychedelic atmosphere.
Their wildly energetic concerts are both a delicacy for the exacting listener (because of the elaborated compositions), and the fanatic dancer (offering great opportunities for idiosyncretic coreographies).
The group has played in most Budapest clubs (A38, West Balkan, Gödör Klub) and in several festivals in Hungary and abroad (Poland, Russia, Slovakoa and France)."
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