Pop Ivan - Dreamhunting

Pop Ivan - Dreamhunting
"Pop Ivan avantguard-jazz formation started in 1997 fusing fragments of the 40Labor multimedia creative group and the Adam 30 band. They started out with 5 members giving long concerts that desired to incorporate the university and abounded in exalted punkish gestures. Their high voltage concerts turned into acoustic performances.
The audience was strongly divided by their first wild attempts: some founding them unbearable, others unbearably original and good. However, all agreed at home and abroad: they’ve never seen or heard anything like this so far.
As the ""popivan sound"" matured, the members of the band developed their shrewd personalities manifesting in Hospital Hungary album (2002). Its athmosphere carries the endless energy of the beginnings.
The performances are often accompanied by various self-made or found videos, smaller theatrical scenes.
Filling a gap in both Hungary and its wider environment Pop Ivan formation is a theoretical-practical workshop free from music trends.
The main apostles of controlled chaos in Hungary finally fill in the gap, experienced by avid fans of Baroque punk and crash jazz since their previous album (Hospital Hungary, Bahia, 2002). The album, entitled Dreamhunting, is a 48-minute summary of the results of the research done by the 10 years of Pop Ivan, the binge in the midst of the Apocalypse has never been this unbridled.
Since their first album the group mainly focussed on their live performances. They have given a great number of concerts at home and abroad harvesting huge success with and exhibiting the essence of their individual, shockingly energetic music. Now, you can listen to Dreamhunting at home reviving the hot atmosphere of the concerts."
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