Rutkai Bori és a Specko Jedno - Whatevergreens (Édesmindegy Szerenádok)

Rutkai Bori és a Specko Jedno - Whatevergreens (Édesmindegy Szerenádok)
"Rutkai Bori artist, film maker, copy writer founded Specko Jedno in the autumn of 2003. The group is a successor of Bori’s former band, Special Gizda. The group follow Russian and Latin musicial traditions with their songs. Its main characteristic, as mentioned in the group’s name, is the strong pictorial quality, the ironic and at the same time melancholic nature of their lyrics. Their concert-performances are often spiced with theatre or cabaret elements. The high standard, deeply humorous direct language addresses the audience through a wide range of musical styles: moral-rocky, religious-march, death-romance, bigoted-tango, declared-funky, fallen-romance, metal-party, tale-punk, delirium-disco, metaphysical-child’s song, fitness-ballad (etc.) The band has dark hair and brown eyes.
Specko Jedno’s new album is ""Whatevergreens"". Specko Jedno derives from the Slavic expression ""sedcko jedno"" meaning ""all the same"". The title reflects the acerbic, sweet and gloomy atmosphere so characteristic of Speck Jedno’s world. ""All the same"" can be understood as indifference, but also as the zen idea of all-is-the-same.
The repertoire of the album ranges from new songs, and reconsidered, reinterpreted, or not yet published old ones. The album features a added rhythm and wind section.
Musicians on the album: Bori Rutkai - voice , János Bujdosó - guitar, Kristóf Darvas - piano, Dani Szerető - bassguitar, Zsombor Dudás - drums"
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