Pinyó 60

Pinyó 60
"Miklós Köves (""Pinyó""): Pinyó 60
The album is a selection of the works of the 60-year-old drummer. The musician féted says: ""This album is the result of over forty years of my life as a musician. It is a summary, but by no means a final one, as I intend to go on doing this fantastic, beautiful thing: making music, until my last breath.""
Pinyó has started his musical career as early as his high-school years.
This was followed by the already well-known Non-stop group, which consisted of university students. He joined them in 1965, with his parents’ permission.
In 1973 he met Lajos Som, and they decided to create a superb band. They attempted to get financial backing for this by playing in bars and restaurants abroad (Switzerland, Germany) between 1973 and 1975. On getting home they founded Piramis. After one or two years of hard work Piramis upset the Hungarian popular music scene, and was surrounded by astonishing success and popularity. After the group had broken up, Ádám Török (frontman of the legendary Mini) and his friend founded a new group, Ádám Török and the R.A.B.B. in 1991. This band played a substantial part in reviving rock and blues, and live play on the stage. In 1996 Ádám Török re-founded Mini, and is still working on making high standard live music popular with young people.

The album Pinyó 60 features the following old favorites from the hits of these four legendary groups:
NON-STOP Lélegző furcsa hajnalon/ Fekete csend/ Szép Margit/ Vad viharban élek
PIRAMIS Szabadnak születtem/ Szállj fel magasra/ Szerelem ördöge
R.A.B.B. Örök lázadó/ A múltban élsz/ Újra rock and roll/ Hihetetlenül nagy F.
MINI Lusta Blues/ Éjszakai harcos/ Alligátor/ Rakétaember
These songs evoke the major stations in the drum virtuoso’s music career."
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