Weszely Ernő - Első lemezem

Weszely Ernő - Első lemezem
"This album is the encounter of a wonderful musician and a revolutionary musical instrument.
Ernő Weszely has been all over the world in the course of his 56 years. He has played in nearly all bars and restaurants bringing happy moments to ten or even three hundred people in the evenings.
He started to play the piano at the age of four, however he is more well-known for his inimitable voice accompanied by his accordion. Although he is blind since the age of 10, he handles technical instruments expertly: he played and recorded all the musical foundation of the album. His work was aided by a digital accordion, which enabled him to play the guitar, the clarinet and the organ parts as well!
You wouldn’t think this is a first album. The 16 tracks compensate us for the years we missed: we can hear Ray Charles hits complemented by three wonderful female voices (Georgia, I Can’t Stop Loving You, Hit The Road Jack), What a Wonderful World, the Chansond’amour, the Stranger In The Shore and other old favourites."
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