Sleeping Camels - Wake Up!

Sleeping Camels - Wake Up!
"By the initiative of Common Routes of Euro-Mediterranean Music the members of the group first met in a festival in 2009 in order to form a band and play together on a small tour in east Europe. Following the success of this creation program, the musicians - who all came from different countries - decided to continue their energetic cooperation to share their common language and just few months after they were invited by a Hungarian record label to record their first album.
The richness of their common music roots back to their different countries they came from and the musical influences gathered in their vast experience in different musical styles, such as the of modern and traditional African music, of the music of Balkan, the jazz and the klezmer. On the way to find the common ground in their new arrangement and composition they found new harmonies and the cultural borders suddenly disappear to give the place to the World Music in a good sense.
The members of the band are: Manou Gallo from Ivory Coast and Belgium on bass guitar and vocal, Bernard Maseli from Poland on vibraphone, Amir Gwirtzman on different flutes and saxophones from Israel, Abdul Aziz Gob from Guadeloupe, France who specialized in the West African percussion, Daniel Kardos from Hungary on the guitar and the Serbian drummer Goran Milosevic."
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