Chalaban - Hashish freee

Chalaban - Hashish freee
"""If they are drunk, why are they controlling us?
In the Holy Qur’anit is mentioned that the hypocrites are the coals of hell."" (Hashish freee)
It’s ironic, traditionalist and reflects on the world’s topical questions - these are the main characteristics of Chalaban’s third LP, Hashish Freee. The first presentation of Hashish Freee took place in the Festival Theatre of the Palace of Arts on the day of the release, 3rd November 2009, with the guest artists performing on the CD as well. The new album sums up the 10-year world stage experience of the band, combining lyrical language with a critical stance. B’net Marrakesh, the Marrakesh women’s choir also stepped on stage in the Palace of Arts concert.
Chalaban continues to follow the same musical traditions, at the same time it raises social-political issues with its lyrics.It aims to discredit our picture of Morocco as seen through the eyes of Western society. It’s scope is more to raise issues in an unprovocative manner, rather than to give the answers. However it does not avoid taboos. The questions raised focus our attention on universal issues such as racism, social inequality and the deficiencies of the educational system.

Hashish Freee gains inspiration from the music and themes of South Moroccan Gnawa and Hassani, and treats these with modern and folk tunes of other cultures. The new album is an inspirative combination of jazz and world music recorded with the participation of Mihály Dresh saxophonist and David Yengibarian Armenian accordion player. Drums dominate the instruments, Western music is represented by the saxophone, the guitar and the bass guitar.

The group have enchanted the audience with their individual style turning from the spiritual and the meditative to more rhythmical trance music, and at the same time retaining their original instinctive nature. This, in the eyes of the artists, is the representation of the simple beauty of life and its intrinsic complexity.
Ever since the starts, Chalaban has been the main representative of Afro-Arabic music in Central and Eastern Europe. They are frequent participants in music festivals of neighbouring countries, and they have given two large-scale concerts in Moroccan festivals in the Rawafid in Casablanca and in the Timitar in Agadir.

Guest musicians are regular participants in their concerts, adding further colour to the performances of the group, that - besides playing traditional Moroccan styles - are open to other musical fields.

Group members:

Saïd Tichiti: voice, lyre, percussion, Guembri
Bálint Kovács: guitar
Bong: bass guitar
Khalid Moutahir: voice, percussion
Péter Jelasity: saxophone
János Vázsonyi: soprano saxophone, flute
Abdulaziz Gob: Djambé and Tam
Tibor Lázár: drums
Guest artists:
Mihály Dresh, David Yengibarian, Kamal Boudraf, Younes Elkarrat"
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