Anselmo Crew - Sex and Violence

Anselmo Crew - Sex and Violence
"Anselmo Crew have been operating their ""blender"" for urban world music fans in Hungary and abroad since 2002. The 9-member group infuses the authentic musical traditions of the continents - from Latin America through Turkey to Africa - into contemporary urban dance music (hip-hop, salsa, d’n’b, dancehall, etc.) to create a sound that is definitely Anselmo Crew. Their audience experiences a cure of everyday words and sarcastic situations mixed with music and with an eclectic variety of languages. They are appreciated from Kiev to Berlin for their intensive concerts turning into dance parties.

Their first LP, ""Passport, Bitte…"", which evokes and represents musical and geographical wanderings came out in 2004. This was followed by a 4-song CD in 2005. Their music appeared in several compilation albums, among them the Gypsy Groove album (that appeared in 56 countries) by one of the best renowned world music publisher, the New York Putumayo, in March 2007. In January 2008 their second LP, ""Urban Snacks"", came out containing the dynamite hits ""My Town"" and ""Girling"" popular with both radios and audiences. In November 2008 the band’s first video clip was presented. It accompanied the song ""Bahía Negra"", a forerunner to the January 2009 ""Sex and Violence"" album.

The third album ""Sex and Violence"" is a mixture of modern urban city textures. Reggae, metal, dancehall, salsa, d’n’b, jazz, ska with Mediterranean, Latin American, Anatolian, African tunes and rhythms. All these go into the blender, and then to the dance floor."
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