Egy Kiss Erzsi Zene - Ugató

Egy Kiss Erzsi Zene - Ugató
"Erzsi Kiss had worked with outstanding theatre and film director, András Jeles, for about 10 years. This experience gave birth to ""erzsikiss-language"", an individual type of wordless lyrics full of free associations that characterizes the band. Erzsi’s affair with the theatre proved to be central. On her own and with the band they made experimentary music for films, dance performances, theatre and puppet theatre performances. Their music has been based and is still based on polyphonic themes. With the formulation of Egy Kiss Erzsi Zene in 1996 poliphony gained instrumental accompaniment. Although at first it seems to evoke traditional folk music, it does not aim to imitate any of the world’s folk musics. These effects are however present from Africa to Alaska, from the Arab world to blues. The variable music of the band ranges from drum and bass through nursery rhymes, balladistic tales to the world of chansons, or even the rocky 70’s. Playfulness, musical ideas, humour are all emphasized. Besides the languageless quality this is what connects audiences in Hungary and abroad. Free associations, lots of emotions, dance rhythms. In the past few years E.K.E.Z. performed in Moskow and Brussels. They gave highly successful concerts in Poland, are regular participants in Czech and Slovakian festivals, and are a fresh sound in clublife abroad.
The band recorded their fifth album, Ugató (Barking), in 2010. The new pieces feature wind and percussion instruments. A drop of metal, ""esztam"", let-your-hair-down, jumpy-rollicking chanson all exclusively in the ""special language"", energic-Russian, violin-Hungarian, and a Belga-adaptation as a surprise (Csokidal) in the original language. This is the first time that Erzsi sings in Hungarian in her band, leaving her virtual language behind for the sake of one song. All of them experiences in style and plays, the familiar ""singing-language"" is liberating, and the result is a piece of imaginative, energetic work full of changes of mood. Two songs have been remixed: one by Gábor Deutsch (from Anorganik), who also mastered the album, and the other by Ambrus Tövisházi. The cover is the work of Attila Stark (Kulo City) using photos by Marcell Szász; in the past two years both them regular partners of the band for the band’s visual appearance."
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