Gerendás Péter - George Harrison emlékkoncert

Gerendás Péter - George Harrison emlékkoncert
"The exclusively packed double features the recording of the full-house concert of 25th February 2003 held in Budapesti Kongresszusi Központ. The date of the concert was selected to commemorate George Harrison’s death. The double contains 30 songs, with over two hours of playtime, a selection of the greatest hits of the Beatles and George Harrison.
The album is also interesting because of the artists performing: besides Joan Faulkner, Afro-American singer, the MÁV Szimfonikus Orchestra plays conducted by Péter Wolf. Naturally, remembering George Harrison would not be complete without Indian music: thus, the most excellent Hungarian representatives of this, the members of Calcutta trio, are also among the performers. Péter’s then 6-year-old son, Dani, also plays in two songs of the album behind the drums."
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